Megalopolis: And the Visitor from Outer Space

Ürün Kodu: 601-549
179.90 TL

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Açıldığında tam 3 metrelik bir uzunluğa sahip olan Megalopolis, bildiğiniz çocuk kitaplarından çok farklı.


Megalopolis: And the Visitor from Outer Space - Hardcover – Picture Book

Unlike any picture book you’ve read before―the adventures of a stranger in the town of Megalopolis, told in a distinctive, beautifully illustrated foldout design

For centuries, the wondrous imaginary city of Megalopolis has attracted visitors from all over the world. Then one day, a strange visitor arrives from another galaxy, and everything changes. He tours the zoo, meets the mayor at City Hall, enjoys a parade, and eventually meets a mermaid and falls in love. Readers will delight in a book which unfolds from thirty-eight pages into one giant page that is over ten feet long. Filled with scenes from the bustling town, featuring the many characters and animals that live there, the intricately detailed illustrations tempt young readers to invent their own stories, even as they follow the adventures of the friendly extraterrestrial.

With its engaging story and distinctive foldout design, Megalopolis is a book that kids will want to read again and again.